Logo intro (StoryboardWIP_01)

For the intro I chose footage from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. It is free of use on Public Domain and the remake is coming out soon. 

I want the tentacles to be reaching out while people are running away in panic, then Composite the logo over the Robot coming out of ship. Have the logo come out. 

I also thought maybe I should just make a character to wear the logo instead. That way it can be cooler when it attacks/animates. I will be scanning my sketches in class and have the drawings up by weds. I will make it a simple toon so I can easily create and animate it in C4D. 


I have been taking way too long on this project. Partially due to work, and huge part due to organization. I will be moving on with this but will start thinking about my next assignment at the same time. My next project I believe I will go with a PSA. I will post some concepts when I post the toon.


~ by andreidan on October 21, 2008.

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