Logo Comp Test 01 and PSA info

First off my PSA’s. I will be shooting today and tomorrow. I will composite and do rest over break but the final ideas are as follows. 

Concept and Copy “No Manners? No Rules…” concept is like the russian sayings. i.e. ur eating a burger and someone would say “In Soviet Russia burger eat you!” So the laws of the world break. (all these will consist of the same character that has no manners and this is happening to? I dunno if that is a good idea to just have this character Jason that has no manners in every PSA ongoing, or just use dif people. I think it would be more comedic if it always happens to one person that just has no manners and won’t learn.)

1- A guy is eating chinese food. (Narrator: [50’s style voice] “This is Jason, and Jason doesn’t like to follow rules. Jason doesn’t care what people think”) Leaves the garbage on the table and bounces.(Narrator: “You see Jason… has no MANNERS”)  While other people are trying to find a place to sit. (Narrator: “Little does Jason know… the world won’t accept that for long”) When he is about to walk out there is a giant Chinese food box in the doorway grinning, with a bat in hands [this will be cartoon or if I can make it look good over break C4D]. Cut to the box beating the guy in the back of the ally with the bat. (Narrator: [copy comes up] “No Manners? No Rules…” “Clean up after yourself, or get cleaned up”)

2- Jason walks out the door of SVA (Narrator: “This is Jason, and Jason doesn’t like to follow rules. Jason doesn’t care what people think”) and behind him is a girl holding a ton of camera equipment.  He doesn’t hold the door and walks away. (Narrator: Jason should have held the door for the young lady but as you see… Jason… has no MANNERS”) The door slams back into the girl and knocks her over. (Narrator: Little does Jason know… the world won’t accept that for long”) As Jason is walking there is a door in front of him, then he turns and another to his right, then left, then behind etc etc,… the doors close in on him and hold him… you hear him screaming. (Narrator: [copy comes up] “No Manners? No Rules…” “Hold the doors for others, or the doors may hold you.”)

These are the two I am going to try shooting today and tomorrow. Another I will shoot later is a guy not offering his seat to a pregnant lady on the train, closes his eyes, hears someone asking “is this seat taken?” opens his eyes and there is a chair, and it sits on him. 


As for Logo Compositing, this is a quick test I did with a 3D tentacle I created last night and attempted to comp in. Still needs more work and I will have to either create the shadow in 3D or figure something out… I don’t have any 3D tracking software sadly so that is a BIG crutch right about now. Also will make the tentacle way better and more detailed and better movement, was testing out how it would look more and practicing the compositing. Let me know if you can give me any tips from this that make it look off. Especially how to add a believable shadow for it. The shadows I add don’t flow in the space and look as if they are on a wall instead of on the floor.  (This is real low quality. Seems Veoh is working super slow today, not sure why.)


~ by andreidan on December 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Logo Comp Test 01 and PSA info”

  1. PSA’s sound good to go…you need shoot boards..i hope you realize that having shoot boards will help with how you want to frame your subjects and also help you understand what and how much footage and scenes you need.

    Shadow we can talk about in class.

  2. I did quick sketches before the boards. Hand drawn storyboards pretty much. I had to redraw some at the shoot since we could not get the chinese place we were looking for and no other agreed as well. I was stuck having to change the idea to a coffee shop (starbucks like) and instead of the chinese food box, its a coffee cup.
    Not as funny but I think it will work fine. My only other problem I ran into was that I could not use a tripod. The manager let me shoot but not take out the tripod and mount because it would get in the way for people and all. Cuz of this, some of the footage is shaky, but I tried to shoot a little over size (not cropping) so I can fix it in post.

    I will bring all the files for the logo. Thanks!

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