05- Commercial – Sexual Thunder!

So I was thinking of doing a commercial for a made up pill called “Sexual Thunder!”. I want this to be a satyr, and extremely crazy. One line will be “Who needs sex for procreation, with ‘FIRE EYES’ you will heat up girls so much babies will FLOW from their MOUTHS!!” etc. So it is aimed at being comical, and over the top. Here is a style frame. 

SexPill StyleFrame

Fat heads, torn out of paper looking chars (most likely printed out, wrinkled and rescanned then animated each) and the only 3D will be the type or none at all. So switching to AE for this one finally. Animation style will be a bit rigid and poppy but that is what I want. I want it to look a bit cheap as well (i think). 

As for the over all feel, this is a video that has that style that im going for as far as vocals and how its talking to the audience and very important, comic style.


~ by andreidan on March 24, 2009.

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