Title Sequence – 01 The Alchemist

Decided I would do a quick title sequence as well. Pretty simple project. I have always loved the book the Alchemist and since last year for Christinas class, the book/title assignment i was never happy with, I said hey why not try another? I have 3 style frames of which 2 are pretyt much the same minus a few layers. The idea 1 is to have a slow pan across sand and u see hidden words in it which would be the actors, director etc. The title would be floating over the sand in sky.

Second and third idea are another slow pan/zoom on this matt painting I did. The file is HUGE and most hills, creases etc are dif layers and I felt that as I am paning the camera they can have a nice look in 2.5D space. The names of the stars, director, etc will appear at certain points. Will fade in and either fade out slowly or blow away like sand (depending on look and how well ahead or not, i am on other projects). I prefer the last style because it looks old and filled of sand. I could also throw in a silhouette or two in between and have their clothes barely flapping in the wind. Should be pretty simple and subtle with help from the music. (have a few tracks picked out that should work)


~ by andreidan on April 14, 2009.

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