Hallway/Exit Walk Sequence 02

So this is the walk sequence. I will be adding shadows moving in certain areas, some things coming out of the walls. Things moving in the corners but when looking again gone, etc. Will probably also add one of the creatures from doom for geek purposes. But u will barely be able to see it. Sort of an easter egg.How do you think its looking so far? Any suggestions on things i should add etc? I am using a magicbullet looks filter on it to make it that orange, old look but the original was more of a redish tint like the ones i showed earlier. Should it be darker? Move slower probably?

Also side note, there are a few glitches that i have fixed already but not rendered, like the first doll turns away from viewer and u hear the crying, it doesnt turn back around as it was doing while viewer was moving away from it. Other glitch will be how it starts. The aperture/zoom jumps will probably not happen or if they do will be more smooth.

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~ by andreidan on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hallway/Exit Walk Sequence 02”

  1. well so far so good. but i still think the lighting feels to 3D. The constant spotlight is the definitely the reason. It makes it look way to generic. Try to diffuse that center point. Remember 3D is good,,,but dont forget that you need to add some motion graphic element that will help final composite. Good luck so far,

  2. I agree with the lighting feeling too 3D as well. Working on that. Also, should i make it darker? Foggy? New video will be on some time tonight/early tomorrow with many changes and additions. Thanks.

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