The Alchemist Title Sequence 01 on Vimeo

So here is my title sequence. Let me know what u think. Will be posting more videos of other work later today/early tomorrow, as well as possible dvd designs and or ideas. Hope japan is fun.

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~ by andreidan on April 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Alchemist Title Sequence 01 on Vimeo”

  1. Opening is nice.
    1. Have the first logo layout fade in one at a time. Start with the “4th”

    2. The heat affect on the type is cool i think you should increase the scale of the distorter so its not so small the waves.

    3. The texture you place on top of the whole spot is static and hurts your final look. fade in and out of different texture layouts so that way it seems like its moving with the spot.

    4. The one camera move is cool….but it works…but what also is cool is fading in and out of different pans of the enviornment…remember just cause you can take camera anywhere dosent mean you should. Do you understand? When you try to mimic live action you have to also consider the limitation of that. Meaning there is no real way that a live action crew could get shots like your doing with the 3D camera. Im not telling you to change everything…i just think you have to lock yourself into one camera move.

    5. Main Title. Its cool the way it comes up…but you need to have the building structure in the back slightly drifiting in the horizon like a natural should be.

    6. Final title name…now when i see the title animation it definitely is to mechanical….it looks not so good on a dark background…it not as bad on a light background… i suggest like before…increase the size of the waves so its not so blocky.

    7. Final Camera move i think shouldnt go back up into the sky…i think it should end the way it started back in to the black of the ground.

    Looks good thou.

  2. Thanks.
    Changed a few things since i’ve posted this. Will post up when I get home from work tonight for a final review if possible before finalizing for portfolio.
    great tip on the texture though, i was just moving it around and it still seemed bad. adding dif ones fading in and out should work great.
    the camera move i will see what i can do to make it more realistic. I do agree at some shots now that u point it out. maybe just a forward movement or panning right. will test out.

    5. what do u mean by this? like drifting differently then the sand rite? very subtle drift im guessing.

    6. do you think the title on the building doesnt fit rite? should i move it on something lighter? def increased the waves. This was a problem i caught soon after and realized it made all the heat ripples look bad.

    sounds good thanks.

    I will post up a few videos that ive done but not posted later on tonight. I stopped posting because i figured since you were in japan u wouldnt have time to view but will post, hallway with much better flashlight and lighting(at least i think so), dance, IMG logo x3, etc as well as my reel. So, if you can please check back tomorrow morning as I will be working on these to finalize tomorrow and weds.

    Thanks so much!

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