Title Sequence – 01 The Alchemist

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Decided I would do a quick title sequence as well. Pretty simple project. I have always loved the book the Alchemist and since last year for Christinas class, the book/title assignment i was never happy with, I said hey why not try another? I have 3 style frames of which 2 are pretyt much the same minus a few layers. The idea 1 is to have a slow pan across sand and u see hidden words in it which would be the actors, director etc. The title would be floating over the sand in sky.

Second and third idea are another slow pan/zoom on this matt painting I did. The file is HUGE and most hills, creases etc are dif layers and I felt that as I am paning the camera they can have a nice look in 2.5D space. The names of the stars, director, etc will appear at certain points. Will fade in and either fade out slowly or blow away like sand (depending on look and how well ahead or not, i am on other projects). I prefer the last style because it looks old and filled of sand. I could also throw in a silhouette or two in between and have their clothes barely flapping in the wind. Should be pretty simple and subtle with help from the music. (have a few tracks picked out that should work)


Experimental Video – 01

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So since I had the camera this weekend, and my friend had the green screen room for about an hour and we had some time left over… i fig i wouldnt be able to do what i had wanted long ago but i can still have some fun with this. I couldnt hook my ipod to the computer because i forgot my connecter so i had to deal with one of the few danceable songs on that computer.This project is going to be a 15-30sec max experimental video. I will pretty much have fun on this when im taking a break from the other projects. So it will be a quick in between thing. Will be playing around with effects, probably 3d stroke, cameras, etc. Any ideas on anything u think i should try out?

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4- Hallway/Exit – Experimental

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So the idea has evolved from what I last was showing, and speaking about. Being that I am bringing the Hallway and Exit projects together, I went with a journey into a labyrinth. The final scene will look very much like the photo with a fly up/pan and turn to see the labyrinth is huge and forms the word exit.

The style is very dark. I am still using the russian dolls but am painting them in a darker way. (blame Tim Burton) You first enter and follow the path almost coaster like. When you get to the Labyrinth you slow down and begin to move through it. There will be many dif and similar dolls in this labyrinth and hopefully the appearance and movements will be creepy to the viewer. There will also be other elements and possible creatures lurking about in the labyrinth. Here are two vids. One coastering toward(sorta, didnt make camera rotate right), the other is entering the labyrinth.

A note for the dolls. I will have a light source inside them. Whenever they open up the light shines out a bit.

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Commercial – Sexual Thunder – 002

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So here is my storyboard (roughly) for my commercial. I have yet to take the photos of my girl(s) talent so I just went with showing frames that did not include girls in them. Other moments not depicted in the boards will be; him shooting the girl with baby making lazers and her burning up, also a mountain of girls that he sits on, and another frame where there are girls on his arms. There may also be girls looking up during the Godzilla rape and the building destruction scene. So a ton of crazyness, im pretty sure this will extend past 30secs but will try to make it work within that time.

Other elements I will be adding is a couple of more buildings for the city scene, maybe build a partial city but nothing advanced, and will be creating a better bottle design as well. 

05- Commercial – Sexual Thunder!

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So I was thinking of doing a commercial for a made up pill called “Sexual Thunder!”. I want this to be a satyr, and extremely crazy. One line will be “Who needs sex for procreation, with ‘FIRE EYES’ you will heat up girls so much babies will FLOW from their MOUTHS!!” etc. So it is aimed at being comical, and over the top. Here is a style frame. 

SexPill StyleFrame

Fat heads, torn out of paper looking chars (most likely printed out, wrinkled and rescanned then animated each) and the only 3D will be the type or none at all. So switching to AE for this one finally. Animation style will be a bit rigid and poppy but that is what I want. I want it to look a bit cheap as well (i think). 

As for the over all feel, this is a video that has that style that im going for as far as vocals and how its talking to the audience and very important, comic style.

Complex Video 30sec

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Last semester, Marco gave us an assignment to do a job for Complex. This turned into a competition with a possible gig later on going out to the winner. Some people grouped up and some solo’d it. Being that the end of the year, portfolio and our reels are right around the corner, I would like to ask if you could have a look at this and help me make it better if needed. The original was a little over a minute long and was WAY too much crap forced in it since they wanted to sell a ton of merchandise. Since I didn’t get paid for this i said fk it ill do it my way instead and cut out most of the crap. Thanks!

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PSA – Manners – 01 draft

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PSA – Manners.First draft. Some technical errors here that I will try to fix with my 3D character. Also Vimeo seems to have stretched this video out. Not sure why it did this… I didn’t tell it to upload in HD but w/e.I will be working on different projects this weekend but would like to know what changes I should make as i will probably go into fixing this in a week or so.Should I create a logo for Manners? Should I fade out from the beating early and maybe show my logo while the sound continues?

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